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We have all been there before, out for a nice drive and all of a sudden "PING" a rock hits your windshield! You think its ok, it wont grow.   
The next morning,  you wake up get ready for work, go out to the car, get in, and you notice that little rock chip or crack in your windshield has grown half way accross the windshield. So you say ill just drive with it like this for a while...... Then you realize everyone seems to notice the crack in the windshield of your beautiful car. then while on the way to work a Cop pulls you over and gives you a hefty ticket

Windshield Wonder LLC Windshield Replacement


Don't Let this happen to you! If the chip or crack you got last night or last year spreads out, cause you dident get it repaired, you can rest easy that the technicians at Windshield Wonder are here to help! Don't risk your safety and wallet riding around with a broken windshield, Call us now and get a FREE QUOTE at (973) 798-8254


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