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Headlight Restoration

Mobile Professional Headlight Restoration

Do your hazy, cloudy, and/or yellow headlights cause you poor vision at night? Do you hear people say “That’s a really nice car but your headlights look messed up!” Are your headlights rough or scaly?

You’ve been here before, driving late at night on a dark highway and it just seems like no matter if your high-beams are on or not, you just can’t seem to see far enough, and “Whoa” you almost crash? Imagine clean, clear, and smooth headlights. Now your car is looking its best so you are looking your best. And best of all, you can see!

Replacing headlights can cost hundreds! By now you can see how important clear headlights are. We restore your headlights to like new for a fraction of the cost of new replacements! We use proven headlight restoration techniques, and have an excellent reputation along with an iron-clad guarantee, you can’t go wrong with a Windshield Wonder headlight restoration!

Think how great your gonna feel when you can actually see at night, as well as how good your car will look!

Car owners, are your headlights cloudy, foggy, or flaking? Can you see as far as you could at night when your car was new? Equally important, can other drivers see you? If your car has any of the above characteristics Windshield Wonder, LLC can help restore your headlights to like new conditions. This saves you money on costly replacements and installations.We are a mobile headlight restoration service for NJ.

Before Headlight restoration NJ After Headlight restoration NJ

The process of a Windshield Wonder, LLC headlight restoration is removing the corroded UV clear coat, reconditioning/ resurfacing the lens, then applying a factory two part UV clear coat for a long lasting clarity to like new conditions.

We stand behind our headlight restorations with our Windshield Wonder, LLC Lifetime warranty for headlights. We guarantee your headlights will keep there like new condition for the entire time you own your car and if in that time there is a problem we will come back out and re-restore your headlights at no cost to you. We now offer a lifetime warranty both from Windshield Wonder and our UV-Clear coat manufacturer.

Recently, we restored the headlights on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, 2005 Honda Accord, and a 2006 BMW 525i. We looked into what it would cost the customer to replace their headlights versus getting them restored. Below are the results of a Google search for aftermarket headlights and quotes from dealerships for the installation and purchase of new headlights. 

Aftermarket Headlights Online

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix $147.95 per set labor not included
2005 Honda Accord $146.95 per set labor not included
2006 BMW 525i $750.00 per set labor not included

Quotes from dealerships

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix $702 installed
2005 Honda Accord $685 installed
2006 BMW 525i $2,112 installed

Beware of DIY kits and inferior headlight restoration companies that don’t reapply a UV clear coat. They will leave your headlights exposed to an accelerated corrosion causing them to yellow, fog, and peel at a faster pace causing a need for a costly replacement and installation. So get it done right the first time, call us for your headlight restoration: (973) 798-8254.

Headlight restoration NJ Before and After Before and After headlight Restoration nj

Reasons for Headlight Restoration

  Clear headlights are vital to night time driving

  • They allow you to see further at night
  • They alert other drivers to your presence

Clear new looking headlights make your car look better

  •  Raising the resell value on your car

Headlight restoration is green

  • Headlights cannot be recycled, so they clog up land fills
  • Headlight restoration produces only ¼ pound of trash

Headlight restoration saves you money

  • Headlight restoration 1/6 the price of new headlights and installation

Call us now for a quality professional headlight restoration, we offer vary highly competitive priced professional headlight restoration. So, call us now (973) 798-8254!
Get a mobile headlight restoration today!

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